About American  Express

About American  Express

American Express

This time to see her  American  Express  large financial  company in world , short name is AMEX , most of the people are tasted this company services  most success in payment cards to every person, this company is  1950 time to start the financial services to this time world big company valuation is us 200 billion dollars.

American  Express   revenue

This world large company is every year is nearly 45 billion dollars earn, this company is 50 billion customers for the card Holders, this way to earn  big amount of the money every year,  walmart also use this online and offline banking services many years, other billion dolor company is Amazon also sue before amazon pay open  time depends this card and net banking services help amazon growth this American  Express .

Growth of America

This company is very high growth economy to help this company , 15% tax pay the ever year , many time to help of the American employment also to 1 Lack people are working the world wide, this company is many payment getaways to reach user friendly connect the everyone.

This company online and offline both ways to good services give the every time to becomes world large  banking and cards world  number one places last 35 years time

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