Adi Purusha Movie new released date coming soon

Adi Purusha Movie new released date coming soon

adi pursha movie
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The movie makers have released the Adi Purusha Movie. Some of the major scenes of the film have been created to prevent the mistake of the film.
Prabhas is acting as a hero in the film, but everyone thought that the hero’s role would be suitable for the role of the hero, but when the film’s teaser was released in the public city time, there was nothing but the graphics of the people, and that some of the scenes in the film were removed and added to the controversy. The relevant film unit has announced that it will make such mistakes.

Meanwhile, however, the film unit has released a photo of the release date of the film, so that most of the Rules on social media have started again in the Adi Prasad team so much in the beginning of the film, so that the film will come to the Summer or Dussehra, but when the social media responds to more ,

but when It is not yet known what the new date is expected to be released, so the film unit has announced that the film will be released in the summer due to the current reasons that the film is expected to be released in the next January season. To be aware of a few days
Movie audiences are predicting that it will take a long time to get into the movie theater, but it will be a few days later.

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