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Bipasha Basu Cheese Telugu and Hindi movie actor most of the films acting in the Hindi movies and also frame English films also she is acting 50 + movie some of the movie blockbuster hits coming the last 20 years time she is there every year 3 to 5  movies complete the one year time to box-office to coming the good collection and most of the producer movie creator 2 to sign the every two months at 1 movie in theatre.

Bipasha Basu  if they were more school career in movie industry also she is a good fashioning model also first movie industry coming time she modelling the Mini year work then start the movie career she is a well performing to the acting traditional and fashionable two categories she is the well for forming in Hindi films most of the Bollywood actor to acting in last 20 years time.

Ajnabee Movie to enter the Hindi film industry Monster movie 2 coming to film fare award in 2001 year good entry to come the movie industry 10 every year well performing 23 movie complete the one year old movies time to she is a acting very well Movie e budget Eid 15 crores to come the box office collection in 2001 year 31 crores movie unit this is one of the first entry in film industry Ajnabee.

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2002 year first Telugu movie acting in Mahesh Babu 2 to screen share the Ajnabee  movie name is Takkari Donga this movie e Jayant director Krish film this movie also good collections coming to the Telugu film industry this movie create the 20 crores budget box office collections also very good this period box office collections 50 crore Rupees of money earn in 2002 year acting S movie also superhit in Telugu language Heroine role to impress the meaning of the loot to attract the dialogue delivery and love Express to Hero songs also very well this movie songs music album also super hit in 2002 year.

Corporate Please movie 2 female oriented film she is acting very well commercially successful feeling this movie budget is very low only 10 crore rupees to making the display box office collections in 2006 year time this feeling another 30 crores rupees in theatre she is the one of the most beautiful actor name coming the Hindi film most popular of the 2002 to 2006 year this time too she is a performing very well movies then next movies are shown below.

Race Movie to see acting main role of the feeling the feeling top hero lo Anil Kapoor to screen share the Bipasha Basu 2008 Year film one of the superhit this movie budget 45 crores to create the movie unit this feeling comes to the time to box office collection in theatre 1 not 5 crores one of the most successful feeling in Bipasha Basu career.

Bipasha Basu She is acting the comedy movie in 2019 year also commercially very good success group of people acting at one place to create a wonderful comedy with lover to make this film roll very well played the Bipasha Basu. 1 hour 40 minutes to movie is running the theatre in Hindi language Movie Maker 20 crores to make the spelling theatre of the good collection come to the the all the best feeling 56 cross box office collections.

Bipasha Basu Shaheed acting the horror movie in 2012 year Raaz 3  movie is released World War 2 biggest hit in horror movie 200 millions to make this film winter time to this film comes to the theatre the box office collection series 900 million mark to the worldwide collection this way to worldwide good name and love romance to the angle to the the good name and most have the young people love to the  the Bipasha Basu .

Creature 3D British the 3D version of the film acting female role  Bipasha Basu  Acting dog film to good name you coming the the Hindi film this film T-series gana to coming theatre 25 crores to make this film Samar time to the box office collection 35 crores one week time Bipasha Basu  movie career in most of the successful movie done by the well performing and body fitness first movie to present movie time Tu to grow our face nine body fitness maintained every movie.

Alone Video this Film Acting the Bipasha Basu  best full and romantic movie this is the one of the comedy and romantic movie See the performing the a girl feeling love then one of the dream to expose the hero time to to movie maker in 10 crore budget this movie theatres box office collections in 2015 year 50 crores of money earn Dispelling one of the low budget movie to super hit collections coming 2015 year.

Bipasha Basu Shir present 2022 year very active in social media she comes to Instagram page 11 million people follow the last five years time she is one of the most beautiful photos and videos share the Instagram and other social media platforms she is 2012 year to pregnancy photos also share the Instagram 2 days back one baby also born Bipasha Basu .

Social media to share the lifestyle photos and travel time to video shoot some beautiful places of the scenario to share the Instagram and duty of the time to makeup and home tour videos share the in YouTube also she is there many videos makeup shooting videos to create the YouTube videos to millions of the people coming online. social media to see hairstyle and beauty product food information shared in the last five years has reached millions of people on the internet . In the last three years she has only two to three movies coming in that Yeta upcoming days so she is there acting in short films and a web series also planned for the next six months.

Hindi Hindi living in Delhi city Tu tu you are wearing them many places in every year summer and weekends time photos and videos share the Instagram of the photos are viral in in 1 hour today millions of the people watching and comment on slave very fastly.

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