India top 10 heroines most dutiful actors list

 India top 10 heroines

anushka shetty
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India in several languages top hit movies in so many years this time to you tell some top heroines in India 2022 Dear top movies hit talk to become a top heroine this time Hindi languages in Alia Bhatt acting movie is the most most super hit movie e name is brahmastra is recent superhit in Hindi language this way this year top heroine place is come to the Alia b

Brahmastra movie e is 400 crores of money Making of this year this way this movie actors is top of the Year 2022 Bollywood star actor all category of awards in this movie.

Alia Bhatt

Sher acting in 2012 real 2 2 top Heroes 2 share screen 9C acting more Hindi films she is several Filmfare awards and Forbes Indian top 100 actors and celebrities she is place in the Forbes magazine this year brahmastra movie is superhit  in  theatre and  OTD also   billions of views is coming brahmastra movie E3 India major  Languages hi boost collection in  ott app.

Alia Bhatt Is acting in an equally big hit 1200 crores worldwide box office collections.

Deepika Padukone

She is best acting in Hindi movies Shiv in 40 Filmfare Award out her life most of the movies Box Office collections very high and she acting so nice this is why many e movies she acting on time and movie e also performance very well Deepika Padukone  social media also she every time share her daily updates and movie news celebrity birthday wishes share in social media 13 Millions of the people everyday she  photos and videos search the Google 2020 year is top most searched person in the Google .

Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka Chopra is ETA producer and actor the Hindi films present create new movie e o t t apps new web series coming in next 2023 year worldwide super II hit movies is coming Priyanka Chopra   most of the traditional and Attractive content she is acting very well in India most of the awards coming in in Priyanka Chopra  2000 to 2022 years Good movies she is acting worldwide many fans are creating last 20 years time she worldwide marketing movies also creating own production house in 2018 year Social media in in hundred Millions of the people followed the Priyanka Chopra ETA world most popular actor in English and Hindi movie e languages people or our family E and young people more fan following.

Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai easy and most beautiful actor she is very well acting and very high popularity in in India also worldwide ind Miss World in in 1994 four-year she is coming world famous acting the the International Award also coming the Aishwarya Rai in India Filmfare Awards and many magazines she best actor award give the Aishwarya Rai. Indian government Aishwarya Rai to present   Padma Shri award Indian actors hai 220 awards winning the Aishwarya Rai award.

India most hai revenue and business also top women in India.

Pooja Hegde

Serial Telugu Tamil Kannada malayalam languages acting many movie India most popular heroine and all all languages top hero to screen share the Pooja Hegde the the time Pooja Hegde  this year 5 movies she acting very well some movie e r super hit and some movies are average in the box office collections who TT apps most watching movies Shiva acting movie all so very well box office collections low time Aditi web series to acting the 325 web series doing in all platform following 30 millions of people in social media everyday most of the Telugu and Tamil people are are following the Pooja Hegde. She is very traditional in acting and modern dresses are surprising for many people and youth also. reacting to glamorous trolls in Telugu and Hindi movies.

Rakul Preet Singh

Rakul Preet Singh is Acting in Hindi and Telugu movies top heroes to screen share the last 10 years she acting very well too many movie superhit some songs is is dance is very well 2009 year to present time every movie looks same fitness to maintain the body and many Filmfare Awards she win the Telugu and Tamil category,  she tell every time acting everyday day New topics to learn every day shooting and story every story e is a not a biggest but every acting to be performing at 100% to the film your doing done your not acting well movie also not do don its feet.


Nayanthara Telugu Tamil Kannada languages last 20 years to screen sharing the main heroes and lady  orientedRules also played the movies Ramayanam epic story his acting in 2012 year this time to her love in Prabhu Deva after breakup to start movie in 2015 year to present big hit movie is godfather II movie e Good roll play the Nayanthara Present Year 20 crores is earned movies and advertisement to  big star TV channels 2 shows time Si judgement the dance shows in Telugu and Tamil languages TV channel she is every show in 5 lakh rupees by the week 2003 e movie to present movie songs so she well acting and dance performance also very well Shri impress to to family   and youth Following in social media 30 million people following everyday.

Kajal Aggarwal

Kajal Aggarwal Most Telugu and Hindi films acting the last 10 year to big heroine place to coming the top heroes to acting Chiranjeevi and Mahesh Babu star actors to screen share in in last 10 years time she was reacting to impress the family and youth fans she every time trending in Google search for every month 10 million on the people search the the internet social media also are photos trending in every time she doing every activity share the social media see movie is well done to advertisement to the some companies most of the the gold company and tea powder Company 2 to all languages she had coming the branded products social media paid products share her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

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