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Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam movie update

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This time Allari Naresh’s new movie is coming to the theatre long time to the new movie coming to Telugu comedy actor of Allari Naresh’s new movie name is Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam this movie has good entertainment and story-based content to coming to that theatre the main role of the film Allari Naresh and the heroine name is a beautiful actor Anandi both are well expressed her feelings in screen.

Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam feels most villages’ backward areas to not developing In any kind of development activities to not say the Allari Naresh to fight the government and politician story is creating the director this film one of the most important roles also love this is hero and heroine come to attractive and lives in a very impressive to the screen, Vennela Kishore is the best comedy and time to punch to the hero these are very entertainment and good looking the movie.

this movie e is a very good entertainment work but not a new thing of this feeling because this feeling is a Tamil movie dubbed in Telugu please the way Telugu version of the movie hero’s name is Allari Naresh and the Tamil version is a different person to make this movie, Anandi is the good traditional and trendy dresses to impress the all family and youth also.

hero heroine love and songs are all so very good this movie’s songs all ready come to social media most of the YouTube videos are millions of people watching the songs, this movie e 25th November 2022 the theatre first showed a Good response coming down theatres coming film unit estimates the one week of the collection 10 crore rupees come to the theatre.

satellite and digital rights companies

please film box office collection 2 depending on digital rights taken by zee5 All digital rights taken by the group film Tamil and Telugu both languages release the next three weeks time to come to the zee5 app right 10 crores to take in the movie unit this film satellite rights are also taken the G studios.

Reading of the acting:

In the film village storyboard girl love is the normal person to express our feeling and the comedy is also very well in this film Allari Naresh’s comedy and Express very good.
Anandi’s heroine role very perfect and she is your look very e traditional in this film songs time to modern dress to look attractive in the family and every film enjoying person.
Vennela Kishore is time to 5 and comedy is very well to the connect the story, is more common president of the comedy films.

Box office collection on first day
Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam this film is a comedy and entertainment place to coming that theatres heroine and hero-based love story where people solve the problem Hero fight is impress people who master De box office collection become 3 crores rupees estimated the movie trading and maintained the theatre’s expression the next week this movie success after fail to decide in the public opinion.
Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam this Param first week box office collection estimate the 20 crores to this film Tamil and Telugu version to become 50 crores of the money earning to estimate that reading of the pulse to this film is all of the movie digital and satellite rights to big amount of the money Ee coming to the movie you need this time this film is there comedy based entertainment success to experiment.

Small movies in the 2022 year

nowadays Telugu film industry small movies biggest hits like Sitaram and bimbisara recently movie Godfather Megastar Chiranjeevi made film with a small movie to become a big hit talk in Telugu and other languages also Chiranjeevi and Salman Khan combined acting film combination very good collection coming to the Godfather movie.
present in Indian movie languages distance is not the important story is important to do any kind of feeling success talk in South India and also North India in the people are like both of the south and north Indian movies also some days back Pushpa movie is releasing in in the Russian language to dubbing the movie e releasing in Russia also.

Prince movie is one the small budget movie box offices would amount collection coming to 10 a.m. today zee5 app views coming estimated the zee5 app 2 or 3 days 30 million people are watching the prince movie in website also took the movie rights Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekam Next three weeks to this film app to streaming live on December end or January first week coming to the auditee apps

Allari Naresh info

Allari Naresh movie success Upcoming days new movies on show small budget and every week 2 Aakhri movies coming that theater and Aditi apps make the web series like a 1 movie hero 1 heroine create a time 15 story also create the duty platforms Anand the also making or acting the web series in the Telugu language she is a well acting in Telugu and Tamil languages also.

More AnandI info

hero in very good Express feelings in Shridevi soda movie Ee good box office collection coming in the Telugu language Anand is a small budget movie to the acting first time to you please present time she good amount of plants based creating in internet also social media activities to 25 million people follow the Anandi Instagram and social media platforms to connect the and she promotes the movie and business information all of those in the internet.

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