Kamal Hasan is joined the hospital

Kamal Hasan is joined the hospital

Kamal Hasan is joined the hospital
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  • haves fever and cold to suffer 
  • 2 are 3 days to discharging  Kamal Hasan health bulletin relishing doctors 




Kamal Hasan is one of the most Indian best actor present he is a Kannada Bigg Boss hosting you coming to the television channel this time to Kamal Haasan health news coming to the internet is Viral on few hours this information from Kamal Hassan health for the cold and heavy fever to join the hospital in Chennai.

Kamal Hassan joint to health issues at Chennai Super Speciality Hospital to the 24th November 2022 date a heavy fever to join the hospital the doctors inform the News Bulletin media she was recharged for the next two or three days to normal position in health Kamal Haasan fans are very e member of following to comings the hospital and surrounding areas.

Kamal Hassan’s full health report was released doctors in the media point of you some questions are asking to media Kamal Hassan’s health is very difficult or normal to 30 questions to pay the doctor Communism is only cold and heavy fever to join the hospital is normal the next foodies to recharge the Kamal Haasan/

present Bigg Boss Kannada season 2 voting time to weekend time to high fever and cold to joint Hospital next this week and host the Bigg Boss Kannada to change the post to plan the star group you are watching to the next episode of Bigg Boss Kannada who is hosting the next of episode.

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