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Kriti Sanon Is the one of the most beautiful Indian  actor Telugu and Hindi languages to popular Kriti Sanon  is born in 1990 Mumbai city India she completed the graduate train comes to Film Industry first movie e is superhit in Telugu One Nenokkadine this movie is acting the Mahesh Babu main role to the heroine place to beauty and impress face reading she is a news reporter comes to the hero to  love Express the love change become a very popular in Telugu Tu.

Kriti Sanon

Kriti Sanon First movie is the superhit name is coming Telugu film industry enter the golden leg coming movie too many of the people are R adjust the upcoming movie super hit in Telugu but this time  is Hindi movies please are not working in in acting and performance this way a long time to she way to the success this fast movie full information in paragraph

Telegu movie

1 Nenokkadine movie e in in Sulekha director of the film this movie 2014 biggest hit of Telugu film industry friends Mahesh Babu acting sun Introduce the this  movie in  in Kriti Sanon  his roll good come the film this but is better rupees to make the creator box office collection around the 70 crores in this film these are box office collections are very well too this movie super hit of the Year she is the Bhind telling pair and TV channels give the best actor award in 2014 year.

Bareilly Ki Barfi This film to she is a wind Filmfare award in Hindi film industry first in first win the Filmfare Award 2017 year this feeling Si active romantic and comedy role very well box office collection also very good this movie is create the 24 budget in box office collection comes to fixed across these are so well acting performing people to acting very well she is expressed her feelings to the hero is natural to express her feelings this background music also very well these songs YouTube video in 2017 year 200000000 use coming at 1 month time.

Luka Chuppi This movie to active the comedy and love one Ghar Express her feeling to buy this story is is the maker good look appearance heroine in romance also comparing mix box office collections very well 60 cross  comes the movie unit movie budget 25 crores please small budget movie become a big hit 2019 year this way to she is a win the Filmfare award in Filmfare in best heroine movie right and audio rights to this movie collection 128 crores she is the biggest hit in 2019 year.

movies list

film industry she is only 16 movies complete the last time she 5 movies super hit in box office 2019 to present time not a good movie coming in theatre please wait too she is not coming in theatres but internet changed name to movie chances coming to next movie creating Huma Berry speed spread the internet in news also trained in the every time.

Kriti Sanon Veer Tamil movies special video appearance like item song to so the screen to audio songs in Hindi film Looks very good and the songs internet very speed to share the millions of the people she dance very well too 2 movie hit of the talk coming the the last five years time she is 5 movies special appearance songs screen share the good songs audio library in 2014 to 2020 20 present time she is there movies on to delete the next year.

Kriti Sanon   she is audio songs in in pubs and party like TV shows to performance and very well please ask to dance to any five and she created last five years one of the most looks to impress the she very well she travelling photos in share the Instagram and other social media platforms to 15 million people followed Instagram page in last five years time she ate achievement in digital world.


Kriti Sanon   social media platforms to share the events and 8 photos to to become a youth Icon of the film world most of the time she is photo shoot looks to share the Instagram please photo  I well natural looks to impress the many people she look the traditional dresses in Diwali and festival x 2 Express the feeling and wishes to everyone she is they performing music light on other TV shows also participate every three months at one channel sheet interview also tell them to information some rumour to answer the every time internet while she e name to millions of the people search the internet some of the name are boyfriend or anything to friend of the Google.

celebrities every time he is some of the point to to enter of the industry then I heroine place to reach the everyone that she is first movie is the biggest hit in Telugu first movie please Filmfare Award coming the 2014 year 2000 2020 time she complete the five Filmfare awards in last five years time many of the nomination to TV channels and most prestigious awards like JEE and Times of India Filmfare awards and entertainment movie award to win the last 5 years time.

Shergarh photos in feed products also advertise in Instagram 2 lacs of rupees charted every post she Instagram in 54 million people followed Instagram page every post like every day minimum 10 lakhs people search the internet Google search engine name photos videos and social media post to 200 million people search photos.

Acting 16 movies nomination 15 movies this is the one of the major impact a 2016 movie B these are in my nominations Tu last five year first movie to big hit of Telugu film industry and box office collections to find movie film fare award she is most social media and digital world popular aapke Bank to Google she is below 100 celebrities name is enter the next few years present internet everyone can do the India and movie update now what eating train is coming to the India last three years time every heroine if they make a web series and short feeling also try to the next year in these are in high remuneration also taken to the everyday one actor is one day 500000 rupees film industry 2 small and medium matter also please money to Parde otherwise other side social media advertising products or revenue of the heroine major tea after film industry heroine mainly workout this scenario to earn hundreds of growth in last 10 years time

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