Mahesh Babu opening the hotel her wife name Namrata in Hyderabad.

Mahesh Babu opening the hotel her wife name Namrata in Hyderabad.

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Namrata name to open the new hotel in Hyderabad this is the one of the richest and very high expensive hotel.

This hotel to menu also very different and this time to menu items rates are very high Namrata hotel to comment in social media. 30 hotel is a very high charge the every food items Namrata hotel menu rates share the some photos are very viral.

Namrata hotel 1 t rate is the 1000 rupees, idli rate is the rs 100 for plate, Biryani is the 1000 rupees to two very high rates to Meenu rates social media very viral this hotel.

Namrata hotel time to some of the people are interesting to search the time these menu items and rates are very high to shocking her Mahesh Babu fans.

Namrata hotel to people are funny comments and Namrata hotel is the five star and these the rates are very fuse reads 2 and maintaining constant and GST charge on implement the Namrata hotel.

Every product to 10% additional GST improvement the hotel management these way to this hotel menu rates are very expensive and not coming this hotel in normal person.
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High and luxury hotel to start the Mahesh Babu this time this hotel very famous and are own Mahesh Babu is a running the one multiplex theatre  very expensive rates to maintainance and chargeable the movie tickets this theatre not allowed any food item in this theatre.

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