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Narendra Modi is a BJP Party to fast 2001 to 2014 Time to Gujarat CM to rule all Gujarat information and technology base to  Gujarat  2014 time  Bharatiya Janata Party election Company the overall India to 2014 general election BJP complete on medically to create a government to the first time BJP only one party India most of states BJP Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha elections to the people in BJP support with Narendra Modi.

Narendra Modi – BJP

BJP 2014 year year it maturity to coming the government first time BJP pay to create government is the biggest hit of Narendra Modi 2016 year Narendra Modi is  ban 500 and 1000  Rupee notes Ban  India  upcoming days to 2000 note coming the the common people ll Nexteer GST is coming to the overall India this means one India one 1 tax 2 to rule the tax cgst to GST convert the Narendra Modi government biggest thing in India level De to small and medium companies and factories all or suffered the year of the People Tree most common problem to reactions then 2019 general election time to Narendra Modi try not to members to Lok Sabha full maturity is coming the Bharatiya Janata Party.

2019 year 2 to Loksabha han Hai maturity  dist rumour or close Narendra Modi then next year to create the former against act created by the parliament is very against in India this why to Narendra Modi to fight the former Gujarat people to fight with Narendra Modi government to against the former act one year to Delhi surrounding to waiting this is very big thing and after reback the Thomas act to build Wapas the government is one of the people are very most impacting the issue then Narendra Modi government To one of the major disappointment privatisation of India this is one of the most disadvantages in Narendra Modi government because India is a part of government this coming to 19 to present 2000 time  do Indian government running The Air India to to change the Tata Airlines taken the full ride of the year India.

Narendra Modi bjp party become a ruler in India Bharatiya Janata Party 2019 general election time try not to Lok Sabha maturity farming government new achievement coming the Bharatiya Janata Party and the time Narendra Modi slogan is “chaukidar” this  word to campaigning General election time “Modi Sarkar again” Slogan to campaigning BJP  High majority to form in the government 2019 general election free not to seat in BJP Rajya Sabha in 93 member 2 Tu Hi Nazar AATI coming the 2019 election State wise all India level 1,383 Assembly member coming the 2019 general election this is the camping time Narendra Modi achievement in BJP party.

BJP development program also Startup India to start the 2014 year to slogan Narendra Modi government to make own products in India education purpose and creative things to program used 2014 to to   now a days but many high quality of the companies are number of employment not get the last five years time this is one of the established slogan and some grand we’re locate the the government but start of the company Only working government to the some amount of money to save bank account these companies are two to three years time to close the many company to be start up company if they are not good not bad because this is way to not fundamental based companies not success in in India.

Swadeshi factor

Modi government give the majority industries create a product in India based big companies coming the India Employment this time two major factor of the BJP government Create wonder only Gujarat state only major impact the overall India jobs one of the biggest problem BJP ruling States give the money and some other party major relegation of the BJP in in 2019 time Some companies to beneficiary plan the change order in NGOs and ordinary bills to to big mistake is GST down some income tax major companies to normal people to increase the GST in every product this is one of the biggest problem in India to some company  Some companies CreateCreate Many benefits 20 by 2 some companies are very good performance please name is Adani group company  Chairman Adani world second largest person Bharatiya Janata Party e.

Narendra Modi government help Reliance Group major example is reliance jio office time Narendra Modi photo news the one private company in direct advertisement time this is the one of the good example in the Modi government help the Reliance Group full support give the all supporting to the government personally also this company present 2022 year 11 lacs crore budget comes use of the Narendra Modi help and support help of growth Reliance Industries.

help of the people of Narendra Modi got this is most important in all of the people these are some people are using the Narendra Modi name of the some important beneficiary e-services Shri now first one Modi onlineservices stand bank system to take common man to more convenience online services UBI payment method and banking sector major all problems to clarity to banks are merge the small and medium Bank create a big Bank of India present only top 5 banks to running the local level and national big companies to create Narendra Modi government, to this way every product government initiate every money or anything directly beneficiary to deliver the banking system improving in India is the one of the major impact corruption controlling these factors beneficiary directly holding the bank account the middleman no to cross and efficient one button click the government offices would directly holder to receive the money please play too many crores of Rupees funding to every day Old days one person give the government beneficiary amount to that day or time than other why did not receiving the money these government payments to give card folder directly come to every month in our called folder this why to not miss you every Government jobs and another person this is a very big achievement in Narendra Modi government.

then next former to create pm Kisan Nidhi this way to 6000 rupees give the every agriculture person to farming to use   some amount of the money daily e essential work becomes agriculture many of the women and mission work to use the amount to help of the gallery people.

Narendra government solar this is one in upcoming High amount of money saving to the electricity work to improving natural resources this is biggest Aslam India white large solar projects in government this way to running the government help high quality of electricity give people in short time.

India making own product to export the worldwide one example Pharma

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