Prince movie the 2022 year ott is coming to day don’t miss

Prince movie
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Prince This movie coming to theatres box office collection 40 crore rupees in Telugu language and Tamil also now directed by Anudeep story also write and the Anudeep this film is not a good success but Movie Maker to create the all languages in this movie based on one  one normal person allowed to other country people like one girl  connect the love story to this entire movie e continue the prince movie story is very normal and his box office collection is also very normal now apps streaming today now live in 12.00 AMstart.

Prince movie the 2022 year ott is coming to day

now a days every movie is a not a good success and theatre of the movies not heat but would it be platforms to millions of the views coming the online app these things movie also digital ride taken by the Disney Plus hotstar company on languages digital rights to taken after this movie now releasing the streaming to today start the Telugu and Tamil version.

this film story is a funny other country girl love to a Indian village normal person change to the lifestyle to foreign girl to story create by the director this film is a good amount of the fiction create the love and emotion story good Express the feelings in screen,  village person daily activities to change the other country behaviour like morning day time to evening night all type of the food and drink all type of the lifestyle change to her girlfriend name as difficult to love and expressing coming to this film story e not accepting the theatres.

but this film now Movie Maker releasing the wood ATI platform biggest online streaming company Disney plus hotstar Nau live today movie live streaming Prince movie e expecting to the movie maker I amount of the watch used coming to the this film digital rights making company is again a good amount of the collection .

Disney plus hotstar present Telugu and Tamil and Kannada languages also big boss reality show amount of the traffic coming to the Disney Plus hotstar app present this film how many people watching the prince movie e estimated by the movie maker this time another factor depending on the new watching these called upon World Cup also this is the one of the most biggest football competition in worldwide these also one of the factor and another factor is the weekend of the time we can do time Web series also release the weekend the time this movie how many people are like and watching down internet.

Prince movie song very good..

new This film musically good amount of the following coming to the song is Express the feeling about boyfriend to tell the girlfriend all type of Impressions and changing the behaviour total amount Lifestyle change in an entire the song to show the Movie Maker In one a song is also very good I am out of the traffic coming to the YouTube this movie is 100 million people watching the song.

Tamil and Telugu version of the film musical superhit of the one song and this movie box office collection 40 crore rupees this year one of the good amount of the connections that this movie is a big amount of budget to make this film to estimate above the office collection very high but this feeling YouTube good success in in box office are platforms to try the movie maker kit Tok coming the next  One week time to this movie full result coming the internet.

Maria Ryaboshapka

Children will acting in this movie this story based content to express our feeling in in one of the Telugu film and she is a good Express love story and foreign girl behaviour most Express in green share time other country girl small budget movies and web series also acting the English language this feeling to acting last 6 months she is a taken good amount of the money of Prince movie.


Is a wanna be good acting Bahubali movie part 1 and 2 films to very who’s following coming the overall Indian film industry,  acting Telugu update most of movies not ok is a hero of Vijay Devarakonda and then small and web series also ki acting in in many languages.


Area one of the Telugu film industry senior actor most of the negative and parent roles is your doing the film industry this film also Inspector role play the good amount of the eye Expectations on the creating in this film,  is senior actor of Telugu industry Express the average time good elevation of story e strong dialogue delivery is Express ine screen.

Rethika Srinivas

she is one of the good actor most of the traditional looks to impress the most of the family and lovely chance based create in internet also she is there a good amount of movie acting in film industry acting very well she social media very active she is a Instagram page in 1 lakh people follow the  Good   Amount of the people like the Rethika Srinivas  she is also very tradition dresses photos share in social media also

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