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Rahul Gandhi Congress Party Lok Sabha member in 2019 general election present D Rahul Gandhi Bharat jodo Yatra comes to Kashmir to Kanyakumari  yantra bikini last 2 month back is completed 1000 kilometre completed Bharat joro Yatra this time some interesting points from Rahul Gandhi Is  Congress party president elections come last month teeza new party chief is Mallikarjun Kharge comes to party floor leader 2 to party chairperson.

Rahul Gandhi 2017 to 2019 time to Congress party chairperson Three years time de Rahul Gandhi 2019 general election time Congress party only 52 seats to Lok Sabha enter the time Congress party president post to resign the Congress party is comes to Sonia Gandhi is a temporary chairperson to the three years after 2022 year Congress party general election to new President is come name is Mallikarjun Kharge 7000 What comes to Congress Party e senior member to select the chairperson of Congress.

party of the Congress party people Rahul Gandhi comes to party chairman to Syrian members to connect the Bharat Yatra time to these elections comes to the Congress party big boost of the next general election to the Rahul Gandhi support next Prime Minister to big find these Bharat jodo Yatra to people connect the course of people in Kanyakumari to Kashmir Bharat jodo Yatra comes last 4 month to continue work 1000 km completed the Rahul Gandhi supporting 200 Congress party people walking every time.

Rahul Gandhi is connecting most of the Indian peoples in mostly farmers, agriculture , textile and small and medium industry workers to connect their problems to become Congress government forming the next general election 2024 so your problem will be saved to one promise given to the Bharat Yatra continue Congress Party.

Bharatiya Janata Party Rahul Gandhi troll to social media name is Appu this is the very Sushil 2 disappointing the Congress Party member and other members answer Bharat jodo Yatra comes to people Rahul Gandhi become create good politician and these are one of the most important factor people are independently comes to follow the Rahul Gandhi Bharat Chhodo in everyday 20 km this Yatra

Rahul Gandhi good fitness to walk everyday 20 km this comes to last 3 month to connect every people everyone talk to Rahul Gandhi first reasoning the problems for people how many problem faced Bharatiya Janata Party ruling time mostly 500 thousand notes Ban and GST Tu people suffer these two factors to small and medium large companies work specific example to speech the everyday only 15 minutes time in evening time Bharat jodo Yatra special 2 year very big amount of the people connect the Congress Party.

Rahul Gandhi is 2004 time to Lok Sabha member is a one of the UPA government lead role of working in many states to connect the people and mini state politics control the Rahul Gandhi team 2004 to 2014 time is Rahul Gandhi become king of India then 2014 general election time Bharatiya Janata Party troll to the Congress Party  is a family party 30 are only two people rule the Congress Party and Bharatiya Janata party rule to the 2G scam and mining case to Congress party become 2014 general election Bharatiya Janata Party promote the Narendra Modi two factor two Congress Party to BJP government change Bharatiya Janata Party Singapore black money comes to India this is most important factor of Bharatiya Janata party in India.

2014 to Rahul Gandhi supporting Congress Party 10 state government farming in upa Farming the government time hai majority then last three years time Bharatiya Janata party is  Taken the Congress party registry to members join the BJP to farm new government in 5 states in last 3 years time big problem in congress party.

Bharatiya Janata Party present fight with Congress Party Bharat jodo Yatra help to connect the people in congress party ideas to share the people in peace Kashmir to Kanyakumari of big boost of Congress Party upcoming general election 2024 time to to many changes come to the India present Bharat jodo Yatra very successful to connect to the people sometimes Bharatiya Janata Party control media and present social media also Bharatiya Janata party control the all Congress party activities.

Bharat jodo Yatra time in Narendra Modi government Social Media company 21 circulation give the government side Congress party people to share the photos videos not trending in Twitter Facebook and Google also because these are #and people searching time plant Congress party Facebook and Twitter pages also this is the biggest problem in social media platforms Congress Party how to get on this problem in upcoming days directly media not supporting and social media also Bharatiya Janata party control companies this way to Bharatiya Janata Party some problems in Bharat Chodo Yatra Rahul Gandhi Speech and anything properly not share the people.

Congress Party become next Prime Minister name is Rahul Gandhi is only e connect the people in present time Rahul Gandhi is a very Tak to People to connect feel and love about asking to the next general election 2024 near forming government use of the people all kind of information delta true stories like everyday change petrol diesel rate and FMCG products rate change in power of the common man these stories to everyone is connected to the Congress Party upcoming days Bharat jodo Yatra is the big of achievement next years.

Present Congress party Bhartiya Janata Party big fight in 200 Lok Sabha state in congress party teaser into the Congress party definitely form government in next general election 2024 year the government forming magic figure to cross the Congress party with Alliance also this is big off fight with Narendra Modi government this time Congress party big changes comes Congress leadership also Congress party new President is a non Gandhi family this is very impact of the BJP slogan to not converting the Congress Party 2014 time to Bhartiya Janata party Congress party is only one dialogue called as a Congress party is a family running this dialogue not working present time 2022 because non Gandhi family president in congress party this way present Congress party one of the major and effective of the election actor is  money   meaning Congo leader India level political party Tu join the Congress Party leadership through a government first general election to win the majority of these are biggest problem present Congress Party Congress party another one is Narendra Modi Eid this is time Narendra Modi 83 age  next general election complete time to Narendra Modi is a 90 cross age next future time performance is very slow in Narendra Modi this factor also people to connect the Congress party definitely win the Congress party Bharatiya Janata Party problems creating the people bad Congress party problems solve the next government for me promising the Congress party let’s see are win the next general election who is the Prime Minister of the next general election?

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