Richa Chadha hot comments on Indian army 

Richa Chadha hot comments on Indian army

richa chadha hot comments
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Richa Chadha has been in the news lately for making many controversial comments, 24 november  this evening she made controversial comments about Indian borders, which are related to Indian Army recapturing it, which pla resulted in the death of 20 soldiers from Indian sides due to a clash between soldiers. It was during this time that Richa Chadha made many controversial comments, that is, she insulted the army with harsh words, saying that the army is always dying by the ware time, she wararest comments in twitter.

The directors and producers of the film industry have also strongly condemned the film heroes and Akshay Kumar also expressed his pain through Twitter saying that such people who work within the borders of the country should be respected and given due respect and should not be blamed for those who are outside the country’s borders but for any other reason. Some directors and commenters commented that Bollywood used to have a system of values, personality and thinking, and now it hurts to see such a system. Done.

Richa Chadha posted on another twitter asking her to forgive her if she hurt anyone by her words. After some time sorry to say to every one.

Richa Chadha posted on Twitter that some people filed a complaint at the police station for posting controversial comments on the army.

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