Samantha health problem to joined hospital viral news

Samantha health problem to joined hospital viral news

Samantha health
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Samantha is one of the Tollywood famous actors in best movie acting in Telugu and Tamil languages, represents Yashoda movie completing time the news came to Samantha’s health issue is one of the biggest diseases is called Myositis this disease suffer Samantha through 3 months present she is the hospital to joining Yashoda Hospital in Hyderabad rumors are coming in Instagram and other social media platforms.

Samantha and her supporter too to some of the information shared the social media in Samantha’s Twitter and social media accounts to she is not joining Yashoda Hospital clarify the rumors and this time Yashoda Hospital maintaining stop also tell them not joining to the Yashoda Hospital these rumors are only coming from the internet do not trust this type of fake news please request to all of us Samantha good maintaining our health.

Samantha’s side to these rumors she is in perfectly good condition health too many fans Informed her of her health condition upcoming days Samantha’s health Bulletin is released due to social media to tell the Samantha side of the stroma coming time responding to Samantha side and Yashoda Hospital meeting staff also.

At present Samantha’s health is perfectly alright she is on an everyday saline injection and multivitamin tablets to take every Hours time to take the everyday sheet upcoming days perfectly alright to the health condition for perfectly alright tell Samantha to treat the doctor and tell our report to every week time to share the social media platforms also clarify Samantha’s health rumors to the doctors.

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