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Shriya Saran

Shriya Saran Serial one of the most successful and 2000 to present beautiful face in Telugu and Hindi feeling actor reacting hay Rajnikant in Shivaji movie is a good name coming the the overall India experience when Bank ways to release the overall India right she e every movie can take 24 rupees in my remuneration of the hero in 2000 To 2010 time.

Shriya Saran
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Shriya Saran Sheet acting the top and Telugu industry all heroes to acting in last 20 years time high level hero and low level II Hero to acting the movie one of the example if the life is beautiful movie is a low budget feeling to acting year Shriya Saran  this feeling she is a modelling career to Tu Hero to express the side character love to the the Shriya Saran  Harsh her feel Express to 2 hi to people family and look Shriya Saran.

Shriya Saran 2001 year in Telugu language movie 2 film industry then next kis movie is normal to the theatre a box office collection but she acting to good name coming the Telugu hero Akkineni Nagarjuna film 2002 Santosham movie sheet acting very good name and roll name is Bhanu to express the love in married person spelling very good feel to express the hero in marriage time to ending of the story is very well.

Shriya Saran box office supper hit

Santosham movie box office collection also good this movie songs also all time record to use coming in YouTube present the Santosham movie songs internet in 200000000 use coming the movie song Nagarjuna to movies acting and other Telugu top heroes to acting the 2000 to 2000 10 years time she is a good movie come the theatre most of the cinema kit in Telugu.

Shivaji movie Sridhar acting lead role of heroine to the movie time Rajinikanth to acting this film one of the blockbuster hit in first India white movie season name very big P sound in Bollywood she is enter this feeling in Hindi movie these are all top Hindi heroes to acting the Shriya Saran  most of the time she is a very fashionable and traditional sarees to look in the movie screen love scenes affecting to express our feeling to other hero and family emotions to express the movies screen.

Awarapan Video dispelling acting the heroine role Shriya Saran  good name and commercial success a small budget movie this movie and cost to make the movie box office collections 15 crore Rupees of money theatre in 2007 Shriya Saran Video English film commercially success in Hindi film Shriya Saran  good name coming also Salman Khan to make the movie in 2008 to chance coming in in six months time time.

movies 2010 time

2009 year Shriya Saran  acting the Milana movie very well expressed love to CBI officer name has Milana is the role name is Vikram Hero make this film is corruption to the police her father Tu coming the CBI office sheet Express her feelings to very bad then after second part she is love to the hero and hero and heroine travelling the trial and tries to her father money.

to to CBI officer transfer in India this feeling to expressing the Hero love to hide only this feeling make a 20 crore rupees to making movie you need the box office collection coming the 2009 near 100 crores of money nearly three months time this feeling long time country know the better in 2009 year.

Pokkiri Raja  This feeling 2010 year make the 3 Sharan good role play the main heroine character she Express the the feelings and horror story these are two character balancing the Priya Sharan commercially good success in Tamil industry first movie to the blockbuster hit in 2010 time this movie budget is only 25 crores 30 film box office collection in 40 crores of Rupees one month time dish movie satellite rights taken the ji media group.

Chandra Movie in Tamil Kannada people drama story make the movie maker she looks a traditional old women to Rama and checking of life to fight the heroine to her lover save the people to fight scenes and duty to express her love to the hero these two factor main impact the story and most of the Kannada people like the list movie e movie makers this film 20 crore rupees.

make this feeling box office collections is 60 crores rupees earn the two month camp this filmShriya Saran  good name and most population of the the place six Shakthi peetas only Tamilnadu State this place drama story success most of the important hero and heroine main role to continue the big factor to connect to the audience commercial success 2000 to present  13 year.

telugu movies Nagarjuna

Shriya Saran  latest superhit in Telugu movie manam movie Akkineni Nagarjuna all family acting this film epic story to make this feeling commercially good success in Telugu language main role play the Samantha and Shriya Saran  she is acting Akkineni Nagarjuna mother role play the this film this movie e theatre Annapurna studios banana own production house to make the spelling commercially success dast movie e around 100 crore rupees earn at the box office collections Shriya Saran  most of the time acting done Nagarjuna to lead role play 4 movies heroine role manam movie to Nagarjuna mother role played this film very good interesting and impact of the movie.

2017 near  she is mine Shriya Saran  2020 time pregnant share Instagram she is a social at Instagram and Facebook to 50 million people following the social media 1 million to hundred millions search every month this keyword very high population photos and videos see in below link.


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