sreemukhi is the every month 20 lakh TV shows to earn

sreemukhi is the every month 20 lakh TV shows to earn

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Yes you are saying is perfectly right srimukhi is the Telugu present top anchor and she is a every program time to 5 lakh rupees to charge the every show

She is a present fine shows conducting the Telugu TV channels these are in weekly shows these are some time she is a movie releasing time and small advertising companies to she is there good amount of the money earn the every month srimukhi is one of the other source is social media she is the good amount of social media follows these are in paid products advertisement to ernaks of rupees per month.

Srimukhi star maa in one of these good song name is star maa Parivar this is weekly show to if use amount of the money taken by the srimukhi.
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ETV Telugu couples program to she is a weekly program to good amount of the money for 5 lakhs rupees for episode taken the srimukhi.
Vanitha TV< also srimukhi anchoring the Sarang dariya is there singing reality show to these are worst in srimukhi the channel also charges to srimukhi pay the hi amount this way to see the total every month 22 30 lacs per month.

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